Woodro drops Uncle Drew (Feat.Alyssa Hernandez) (Prod.Syndrome)

A artist who has won me over heavy this year is Woodro. The consistency he displays has helped his songs become regulars in my playlist. His latest release is titled Uncle Drew which features Alyssa Hernandez. She provides the vocals that added a new element. For that reason this is one of my favorite songs he has dropped this year. Every time he drops new music produced by Syndrome I get excited. Their styles must have been created for each other because they never disappoint! -Royal Cortez

If you follow the NBA you would be familiar with the fact that Kyrie Irving asked for a trade and got it. He now plays for the Boston Celtics who traded Isaiah Thomas,Jae Crowder,Ante Zizic, and 2 future draft picks. I see why Woodro named this song after Uncle Drew it makes perfect sense in all honesty. Dro does not want to be in no one's shadow he wants to build a name for himself with out having to be signed. That is very respectable and I applaud him for taking this route. He wants to be the first option his heart does not desire being a sidekick. He has slowly been becoming the man at a young age. He has helped push other young artists so listeners can become acquainted with them. Instead of being number 2 he wants to be number 1 and Woodro comes across very ambitious. His latest releases showcases the passion and ambition which ultimately help show the listener how hungry he is. This joint will motivate you and push you to become your own man. Athletes and artists share one thing in common they always push themselves to see what their limit is. That is what separates great from average. People are great will want to prove themselves while people who are average never push themselves to see what they can really accomplish. Dro separated himself because he wants to prove something to himself and that is what makes him one of the brightest musicians out today.