TANA releases Hustle always in me

Marion Arkansas artist Tana dropped a new tune last week titled Hustle always in me. It's a laid back record that many hard workers will connect with. The production is perfect for this type of vibe. His latest release is dedicated to all the people who work hard for what they want. Some of the best songs are the ones that people can sync with. That very reason is why many listeners will enjoy this track. If you're from Tucson you are most likely not familiar with him. But luckily I'm getting you acquainted with a gifted musician that I believe you will enjoy. The future is never certain but one thing is. After hearing hustle always in me you will press follow. -Royal Cortez

The hungry are always working while the slouches don't do nothing. This mindset is what will ultimately make Tana a successful artist. He released a record that many people can connect with because the struggle is a part of life. Hardships form us and make us into who we are today or who we will become. We can either work and get through it or let it sink us. This record is basically talking about how his work ethic is strong. One of the reasons he has won me over is because of his ability to create some dope production. The beat is very gloomy which helps set the vibe. I'm a huge fan of this darker production so It won me over pretty easily. He delivers the goods on the production side by crafting a slow and mellow beat. His production goes in sync with his lyrics which is a bonus. If you are not already familiar with him you will be once this song is over. His latest release builds anticipation for his future material.