Speakerbox X Tuesday: Royal Cortez song of the week #StayWokeEdition

A few weeks back R3D dropped a new track titled Stay Woke. He unleashed a more political that many listeners would appreciate. If you have been following his music these past few years you will know this is very different. You will enjoy hearing his latest release. His latest record was created by the gifted beatmaker Cisco. This marks the 1st time R3D has released a song that was produced by Cisco. Their styles compliment each other really good which was great to hear. Hopefully this is the start of many more R3D tracks produced by Cisco. This week's Royal Cortez song of the week will make the ones who sleep stay woke. -Royal Cortez

When I heard Stay Woke it caught my attention right away. I've known R3D for years and I can definitely say he's coming into his own as an artist. He is growing musically you can see that by hearing how his content has matured. His latest release shows him taking a different approach. I'm a fan of this side of R3D reason being it's very different from what I have seen from him. This is the type of music we need to hear in 2017 honest and most importantly blunt. Many believe music is supposed to make you think. Stay Woke accomplishes that even if some don't share the same beliefs. This doesn't just mark my first time hearing Political R3D. It also marks the 1st time I have heard one of his songs produced by Cisco. He's also a awesome artist who I been following very closely. He created a very dope beat that goes perfectly with R3D's unorthodox style. All these reasons I have covered are exactly why Stay Woke was chosen as the Royal Cortez song of the week. If you're not already familiar with their work I have a solution for you. Take 4 minutes out of your day to hear what they have to offer.