Louis review

If you have heard any Soloist track you will be familiar with his voice by now. He has built a name for himself by delivering excellent verse after excellent verse. Louis was released at a perfect time so he could remind listeners he has been at work. He released his 2nd studio album titled Louis. With his latest project he established himself as a lyricist who knows how to craft some great material. If he continues that simple habit Dan will become a more recognized name in no time. Once you finish this tape you will remember the name Dan Louis. -Royal Cortez


Louis kicks off with a record called Louis Wilson which features 2 gifted guest artists in Lando Chill and Elias. Elias does not waste no time he uses his vocal ability to get the singer into it. This is probably the best I have heard from him for many reasons. He seems at ease and becomes one with the beat. Lando Chill kills this track as expected. I enjoyed his feature heavy because of the way he helps sweep the listener. The production is glamorous it will mesmerize the listener. Lofee did a awesome job in creating a beat that everyone listening will not forget anytime soon. Lofee impressed me on this album for the reason he became a work horse and created 7 of the 10 tracks!

Dan's project continues with the well named Damnit Dan which helps add a edge to this project. The vibes completely changed which was a pleasant surprise. This is what I expected to hear from Dan Louis extraordinary verses and a special energy. This record is diffidently a contender for my favorite song. Lofee and Dan Louis are a great pairing which surprised me with their approach. They truly did not waste no time in attacking and leaving their mark. If they continue to do this they will brand a whole new type of musicians. Dan Louis is a rapper's favorite rapper reason you can count on him to drop some great lines and add some new records to your playlist. If you are a hip hop head you will fall in love with this album.

Louis keeps rolling with A rock in a river which features Cam & River Smith. This record showcases his outstanding ear for beats. I am not surprised that Lofee had such a huge impact on the production side of things. Dan Louis established himself and Lofee as one of the brightest rapper/producer pairings in a minute. The only word that you can describe this beat is as perfect. It is slow mellow and lets River Smith do her thing which she delivers without hesitation. Her vocals are truly medicinal she will make you forget about all your problems. Cam stood out as a artist with a therapeutic flow which will help cure broken souls. He will make you look him up to hear more of his content.

The 4th track Psychiatric Notes was a record that stood out to me. It helped show that he is also human. Many factors go into helping make Louis one of the funnest albums I have heard in recent time. Lofee's dazzling production is one of the qualities that helped make this tune memorable. The beat and his verse was a powerful listen which meshed perfectly together. This record is truly a work of art. If you are going through a hard time I recommend you listen Psychiatric notes. It will be a healing experience which will make you feel better. When you are going through a slump music is beneficial. In Dan's case his notes are psychiatric reason being they help him get through difficult days.

After Louis Drops is one particular song that was a huge stand out in my eyes. This was a different side of Dan Louis I have not heard before. It was slow but it also was a beautiful affair. It's ultimately a fun track which is basically his celebration for dropping this album. This is basically a well deserved celebratory anthem. This specific song helps add a different vibe from what you would usually expect from Dan. 


Favorite song? Altered Sight (Prod.Bu X

My favorite song off of Louis has to be Altered Sight for 3 reasons. This is the record that impressed me and got me excited to hear this album. This tune is the reason why I wrote a review for Louis. It basically had the power to make me write a review off the fact of how much I enjoyed this track. It also made me think about why I'm a hip hop head I love the dark production and the hard hitting bars. If you are also a hip hop head you will fall inlove with Altered sight. Bu X helped create a awesome record that gave me flashbacks to when I first discovered hip hop. This is the type of content I enjoy hearing. If he continues to drop music with this vibe I will most likely continue writing on him in the future. This is the Dan Louis I enjoy hearing he is truly in beast mode when he does what Dan Louis does best.



Rating? 4 Crowns

His latest project was a splendid listening experience which helped solidify him in my eyes. I always enjoyed his verses but something was always missing. But now that I have heard a full project I can say he truly has impressed me. He turned me and will turn many others into fans with Louis. As each track passes you will get more into this great offering. Dan Louis put together a great project which has marvelous production. He recruited gifted artists who helped add and boost his new project. Overall this is a awesome album which helped solidify him as a intriguing artist. He displayed a huge amount of diversity by touching on multiple subjects and vibes which helped make his new offering interesting. The greatness of Louis will put pressure on Dan to follow it up strong. You can check it out pretty much every where so go stream and buy it!