REY & Mike Chekc$ release Lassorate (Prod.The Lasso)

Loud Cat Ent's Mike Chekc$ & Rey have returned with a new song titled Lassorate. Their latest release is produced by the gifted beatmaker The Lasso. He gifted them with a beat that will send goosebumps down your spine. His production will leave you in awe. Every listener will want to hear The Lasso produce on more Rey & Mike Chekc$ tracks. Their new record showcases the chemistry they share. They're also able to shine because they show us how well their styles mesh. Lassorate will intrigue you and make you want to check out more of their music. -Royal Cortez

If your playlist has been dry as of late I am about to bless you with some new music you should be listening to. I always wanted to hear Rey & Mike Chekc$ rap over The Lasso's production. Someone pinch me this can not be real. That's exactly how I felt when I saw one of my dream collabs actually manifested. Lassorate exceeded expectations to the extent that makes me want to hear more collabs between them. Ever since I came across them I always pictured them creating amazing art together and they did exactly that. All 3 of them are very gifted musicians who never seem to stop amazing me. Lassorate lets each one of them shine by showcasing their talents. The Lasso did a magnificent job creating a beat that will give any one in their right mind goosebumps. The production on this song meshes so well with Rey & Mike Chekc$ it's incredible. The best way I can describe it as them being the musical equivalent of carne asada and guacamole. Rey delivers a verse that you will remember for the rest of your life. He flows smoothly like paper boats crossing paths with clowns. He is someone who I want to hear more music from because every time I hear new content I'm impressed. Mike Chekc$ is a special talent who I see going very far in music. Hearing him rap in spanish was a really dope addition reason being it caught me off guard. Most of the time when I hear artists rap in spanish it comes off as corny and forced. But this is the difference between them and Mike he is a rare musician who has a unique delivery. Every time I hear Chekc$ flow he inspires me to work harder so I guess you can say he motivates me. Overall Lassorate is a great song which will gain them many new fans as they continue their momentum.