Dan Louis drops Altered Sight (Prod.Bu X)

Soloist member Dan Louis dropped new music last week which helped build anticipation for his new project. His latest track titled Altered Sight is produced by Bu X. Bu X does an excellent job crafting a gritty beat that helps create a darker vibe. This will probably be your favorite Dan Louis song after hearing it. By the time you read this piece his project would have been out 2 days. We will be dropping a review on Louis this Friday. We have covered Doni & FanningSystems separately then I realised something. We haven't had the chance to cover Dan Louis as a solo artist! So it's only fair we show him love as well. -Royal Cortez


Altered Sight was the single off his new project Louis. His latest record is a fun record which has very gritty vibe attached to it. Most of the time when a rapper says fuck blogs some blog writers get in their feelings and show them no love. But the way he delivered it was live and helped set the vibe which I liked. Dan Louis had a raw delivery like a first time lover. This is easily the most enjoyable track I have heard from him. It has a special feeling which made me appreciate him more as a artist. This has that robbing vibe which makes your friends wild out on quiet nights. Bu X did a great job producing a murky beat which lets Dan Louis shine. After hearing this song you will want to hear more Dan Louis rapping over Bu X's beats. If this is a example of what we can expect to hear on Louis I'm excited to hear it. I'm a fan of music with darker vibes so this is definitely a song I'll be putting on repeat. His latest track reminded me of why I fell in love with rap music in the first place. The dark vibes,the head nodding, and the face you make after seeing someone get knocked out. If I would have not decided to write this article Altered Sight would have been a contender for the Royal Cortez song of the week. That alone should show the reader and listener how much I enjoyed this record. After hearing this track you have no other choice to go hear Louis. The future is in his hands and if he continues releasing content like this it is looking very bright.