The Kxnnedys bless listeners with Eastside

Many believe duos are slept on in the modern day but there is still hope. The Kxnnedys have released a new record Eastside to remind casuals that they're keeping the art form striving. The chemistry and energy they showcase is exciting as a listener. With their latest release they will surely keep their fan base happy. Eastside will keep their fans content while they wait for them to drop more music. Every time they drop new music they never disappoint. When you listen to their material you will see many similarities. You will encounter great verses,great hooks, & great production. -Royal Cortez


If you are a fan of duos you're in for a treat which you will forever appreciate. Today there is plenty of duos who are keeping the art form of being a duo alive. When you think about it groups like EarthGang,The Underachievers,Run the jewels, & NxWorries come to mind. If you are not familiar with The Kxnnedys you can now add their name to that list. The consistency they have showed since they dropped As Requested a few years back is amazing. Every single time they release something new it is definitely worth the wait. Their latest record is a anthem for the side of town they grew up in. I see this song as them reminiscing about the past and the side that helped shape them into who they are today. If you grew up on the eastside of town you will love this song. What I enjoyed about their latest release is that it had a great vibe. The hook helps add a special feeling which in return allows the listener to feel it. As the song goes on the hook sets the mood for the rest of the time. Milz did a excellent job on the hook which helped multiply the duo's momentum by 100. If you follow their music closely you will realize that Eastside was worth the wait. Both Trix & Millz shine by delivering great verses which are memorable and enjoyable. Both of their verses had reminiscent undertones which lets who ever is listening get to know them on a more personal level. After hearing their latest offering you will get excited to hear more. This will keep listeners happy while they wait for another project. The track's ability to give you flashbacks will put it in a special place in your heart. It was released on Labor day to show that even when others have days off they're still working.