Speakerbox X Mondays: Royal Cortez song of the week #LadysingerEdition

The track I chose for this week's edition of the Royal Cortez song of the week is Ladysinger by AJ. This tune is one of the stand outs from his latest project titled Compilations of my complications. Out of 6 records Ladysinger was definitely my favorite. We will also be covering that project later this week. Make sure you come back and read the review when it drops. If you have not heard it yet I recommend you do! Loud Cat Ent's very own shined and showcased what makes him special. His charisma will give you goosebumps it separates him from other musicians. Every time he releases a new song or project he grows artistically. AJ has been on a roll this year and he will surely continue his momentum. -Royal Cortez

Someone who has turned me into a fan is Loud Cat Ent's AJ. He has a very unique style which makes every new song very exciting to hear. He has a unorthodox delivery which will leave listeners in awe. When I was listening to his new project Compilations of my complications he amazed me with his approach. The production on Ladysinger is truly breathtaking it makes you sink with the beat. The beat can be described as murky reason being it puts you in the twilight zone. As you continue to listen you start feeling dreary. Imagine losing the ability to see color and only seeing grey. Growing up I use to watch cartoons so as I listened I had a flashback to a show I use to watch. On a episode of My fairy oddparents it is entirely grey because of the gloominess in the plot. Hearing Ladysinger made me see life like that even though I'm sure he did not intend to make the listener feel like that. AJ accomplished something that many artists can't do which is make the listener feel something. He makes them feel emotion for better or worse. Have you ever listen to music that gives you a rare feeling? Imagine you are listening to a record and you realize one simple thing. You feel vibrations going through your mind,body, and soul. This is one of the reasons why I chose it as my song of the week. It is a special listening experience which will win many over even ex girlfriends. I also chose it for the reason that it turned me into a fan. Ladysinger also made me appreciate him as a gifted artist who I want to hear more from. He showed me a side I did not expect to see from him before. If you are not familiar with him already I suggest you take 5 minutes out of your day and listen to a rare musician.