Jalopy Bungus releases video for $oul pt.2

20 Pounds member Jalopy Bungus released visuals for $oul Pt.2 last week. His latest offering was produced by the gifted beat maker named Sk8zen. This is a excellent introduction for listeners who are not already familiar with his content. Once you start listening you will start getting goosebumps. This track is a great release it showcases his best qualities and potential. Even though this tune is short it will leave you in awe. It was a genius move in his part to make this video short. Many fans want longer songs so they have more to consume. That is why it was a brilliant move in his part to keep it short! Jalopy Bungus is building anticipation among his fans by making them hungry for more music. -Royal Cortez

I'm a huge fan of darker vibes with that lyrical sound attached to it. $oul pt.2 is a mixture of that it has the gloomy energy while still keeping the lyrical aspect. As I said in my introduction this track is the perfect first listen for new listeners. He shows a mellow flow which sounds pleasing to the ears. Even though this video is under 2 minutes it accomplishes what it was supposed to. When artists release short visuals like this they do it for one major reason. For what you ask? Simple to build anticipation. It makes the listeners want to hear more material. This was a really smart move but I wouldn't have minded for it to be a minute or 20 longer. Jalopy Bungus shines on this song because of the way he executes his flow and delivery so flawlessly. He has a certain type of energy which makes the listener want to rock with him. The perfect way to describe it is simple. With every line that he delivers he hypnotizes who ever pressed play. This talented mc provides us with one of the most refreshing visuals to be dropped in a minute. Garin Chadwick put together a incredible video for us to enjoy. It was directed really well with the bonus of everything feeling in sync. The angles and scenes meshed perfectly with Sk8zen's production. The future is looking very bright for everyone who was involved with the creation of this movie. Actually scratch that it's a trailer because it only gives us a glimpse of what he is capable of. The future is looking beyond bright for the artist named Jalopy Bungus. Make sure you guys follow him on Twitter,Instagram, and Soundcloud. I was trying to link the 20 Pounds youtube channel but It did not let me so just search up 20 Pounds on Youtube and press subscribe! You can find him on Instagram and Twitter under Sir Bungus. His soundcloud profile is linked below peep and enjoy.