Elias releases All or nothing (Prod.Diego Francisco)

The singer known as Elias released his latest song this past weekend. All or nothing is about what the title states. He is going for it all even when he knows he can get nothing at the end. On his latest release he showcases his vocal abilities in a impressive manner. He continues to grow as a artist and his latest song shows that. The Diego Franciso produced All or nothing has a different vibe than what I'm used to hearing from him. That is a great thing makes his music more refreshing. He released a album titled Nostalgia recently produced by the gifted BV beats. Make sure you check that out then All or nothing to peep his progression. This gem goes to show us he's not slowing down in anytime soon. -Royal Cortez

This is my favorite track he has released in a while for multiple reasons. The production on this song remind me of his earlier work that won me over. I'm a big fan of this type of vibe it's very refreshing because you don't really hear it today. It is a fun gem which will take you back to yesterday. He is the type of artist you can visualize in a different era and you can see him succeeding easily. His work ethic is probably the most impressive trait he has. Any one can be a great artist but if their work ethic is weak it turns the listener off. That's the main reason why he has won me over. When we are in a area where singers don't really get a push it's nice to see Elias get his name out there. The combination of him working hard and great music has put him in the front lines. That has helped him get constant coverage on here Meow magazine & other platforms. As long as he keeps on doing what he has been doing his future is looking very bright. His potential is unlimited he can accomplish everything he sets his mind to. A huge reason of why is because he has all the tools to do so. All or nothing is what he is going for so give it all to him now.