Swavey drops Crooks (Prod.Shake)

Swavey released a great song titled Crooks produced by Shake. The production on this track is a mixture of laid back and smooth. This is a impressive offering which will win many listeners over. The youth movement has gotten stronger with the addition of this mc. I'm a huge fan of Mobb Deep so hearing the Prodigy sample was a great addition. The future is looking very bright for him. Crooks has won me over and I'm excited to hear more music from him. That is how a artist knows he succeeded by making the listeners want to hear more of his material. If you are not already familiar with his name you will be by the time this song is done. -Royal Cortez

Crooks has some real smooth production which actually had me thinking it was going to be a love song. The way he used this beat was dope Swavey pulled a 360 on us. It's dope to not know what to expect from a artist. That is what makes me want to rock with a artist more. In today's climate I already have an idea of what I can expect from many musicians. So it makes the listening experience boring for me. When that happens it usually ends up with me pressing pause after the 1rst verse. His flow is unorthodox but I enjoy the way he delivers every line. He also showcases his lyricism by spitting some great punchlines. The first verse sets the mood by having great bars. This track got really interesting once he started show casing his story telling ability. That is something which not many rappers can do. Shake gave the perfect beat for him to tell his story. After hearing Crooks I want to hear more Swavey on Shake beats. The future is looking very bright. I'm excited to hear more music from him and so should you.