AJ unleashes Tha Code (feat.Lewi$) & Yuppers

Loud Cat Ent's AJ released 2 songs in 1 a few weeks back. At first when he sent me the link I just thought it was one track. It legit took me a week to find out how I was going to write this piece. Once I pressed play I knew I was in trouble twice as much than usually. The first track is titled Tha code which features Lewi$. I rocked with this one heavy because the vibe was laidback and the flows they used fit well. After hearing Tha Code it made me want to hear more music which has both of these 2 gifted lyricists. They are a deadly duo and this track proved that. The 2nd song is a solo offering from AJ titled Yuppers. It has darker production which won me over. Both of these tracks are executed well which is really refreshing. -Royal Cortez

Tha Code starts pretty slow but it's very effective. The listener will enjoy the energy it gives off. The production is stellar it sets them up perfectly to slam it down. AJ & Lewi$ did exactly that by delivering magnificent verses. The chemistry they displayed was really fun to hear. It's like they decided to do the fusion dance because these 2 truly became 1. They play off each other perfectly it's very fun to hear. Tha code is what they live by and they bring it to life for all of us. If you don't understand it that's why they decided to make a song about it. They're schooling the listeners about their lives and everything they experience on the daily. That is why this song will have a deep impact on the ones who could relate. Yuppers is a great solo offering. It showcases him by displaying his best qualities. It is a really catchy track which should have no trouble getting the repeat treatment. I enjoyed how he chopped up certain parts it made those bars stick out even more. The production is trippy imagine a beat maker making beats while on lsd. This solo track makes me want to hear more of his music. He has a well executed style which hip hop heads will fall in love with. His verses are delivered smoothly which will please the ears of even the most selective music listener. If you are not already a fan you will after you finish this gem.