Speakerbox X Mondays: Royal Cortez song of the week #TSBN Edition

Whenever a musician I follow very closely releases new music I get excited. Last week NorCal Nick dropped another magnificent ballad titled The same, but not. Many times when we separate from lovers and become reacquainted with them one thing seems to pop up alot. It is common sense that we will grow as time passes. As we grow we realize that we're not the same. This is how I interpreted The same, but not. It has a trait which I came to love in music. What is it? That's easy it's a relatable offering which the person hearing it can connect to it on a emotional level. That is why the listeners will connect to this track. A quality I have came to expect from him is no disappoints and he delivered once again. -Royal Cortez

It's to be expected that we will change in certain areas for the best. From an outsiders perspective depending on the person they will understand why these changes happened. I saw this track as him talking to someone from his past. He's explaining to them to help them understand where he is coming from. This song is a prime example why I'm a fan of his music. NorCal Nick has the ability to bring his thoughts to life musically which is nothing short of amazing. This tune will connect to the listeners because we all have been in a similar situation at one point. Fans of music usually love the songs that are able to tell their current situation reason being they connect to them. Nick tells us that in certain ways he is the same but he knows he has changed as well. I call this type of song self reflective rap because when we listen it has a common effect. It makes the audience self reflect on their current situation which is stellar. If a track can cause the listener to reflect on themselves it is amazing! That is the reason why I decided to choose this tune as the Royal Cortez song of the week. It had a powerful effect on me that I wanted to share with others. There is actually another reason why I chose this cancion. These last months I been watching a grip of tv shows which are based in a older setting. Something that caught my attention is the songs that played through out car rides on the radio. They played a certain lane which I have labeled vibe music. The qualities that they all share are simple slow,good energy and make you feel great when you hear it. The same, but not reminded me of those tunes so it made me connect even more. It was a great experience hearing his latest release live on a Tucson radio show. Make sure you tune into Speakerbox X every Sunday on 99.1 at 2pm to hear the Royal Cortez song of the week.