Fase & Muircat drop Soul (Prod.Fase)

Fase and Muircat link up to deliver a beautiful song titled Soul. It's a great gem which is short but sweet. The production is slow and mellow which is a great combination. After hearing it you will want a album from this talented duo. Muircat gives the listeners angelic vocals which will have you seeing doves and white roses. Fase blesses us with lines which will have you seeing flashbacks. He will have you seeing your soul leave your body as you listen. They have gifted us with a track that we can listen to during late nights. -Royal Cortez

This is one of the most rejuvenating tracks I have listened to in a long time. Muircat has one of the best voices I have heard from a singer. I'm excited to hear more music from him because of what he did on this gem. He shined by delivering vocals flawlessly. His voice flows gracefully with the production. Fase did a great job in creating this beat. It goes perfectly with both Muircat and himself. Soul is actually a single off Fase's upcoming album FW X/X. He also produced it entirely which is a example of his creativity as a artist. Fase took a hands on approach will surely elevate his content big time! The reason it will be elevated is because he is producing it and choosing which direction it goes on. He has the ability to create exactly what his heart desires. He did a perfect job in setting his album up. Fase has helped build anticipation by recruiting a talented singer who helped elevate his single. I'm hoping there is another Muircat collab on there because these dudes work so well together. The way they feed off each other is awesome. Fase displayed many of his abilities on here which will impress everyone that listens to this gem.