Marley B drops visuals for Drugs (Prod.DJ Hoppa)

Marley B released a video for Drugs produced by DJ Hoppa last Friday. This movie was directed,shot,edited and created by Blar media group. Drugs continues the hotstreaks that Marley B & Blar Media have been on. To prepare for this article I been studying their previous work together. I can tell you about a few similarities I encountered frequently. You will come across these qualities 9 out of 10. Every time Marley releases a video shot by Blar Media you can expect a creative movie. You can also expect to witness dope concepts come to life. Drugs is no different which is exactly why it will enter the list of your favorite videos released this year. This joint is off his most recent project Monsoon Season. He released this EP in July if you haven't heard It I recommend you do. It is truly packed with great music from start to finish. -Royal Cortez

Marley B has gifted us with the video equivalent of acid and shrooms. His latest movie starts off with him being around a camp fire. He's with Vinsanitty from Vinsanitty productions passing him a cup. I thought I was crazy until I saw him drink whatever was in the cup! The beginning was a awesome visual which helped set his latest flick into motion. He constantly surprises me reason being you never really know what to expect from him! He's a unpredictable artist and his music always has a edge because of that. The Gldn artist group member truly lives up to the name Marley. After pressing play 2 things will happen the 1st is you will press repeat at least 36 times. The 2nd is you will get high off the trippy visuals. Once you finish his latest vid you will realize he made Bob proud. After Drugs is over you will call your mom apologising for being off the drugs drugs drugs! He truly used everything at his disposal to showcase his creativity and it showed. I thought it was awesome how he hypnotized the watchers by utilizing the body paint. Not only did his body glow but his music and this video glowed as well. Marley B took us on the Journey to a bad trip. The dynamic combination of Blar Media Group & Marley B have blessed us once again.