Ekow releases ColorFilm (Prod.Feelo)

Last week Ekow released a new track titled ColorFilm. His latest offering is produced by Feelo. The production really helps set the vibe by creating a colorful energy. After hearing this joint you will want to hear more Ekow over Feelo beats. ColorFilm is very different from the other songs I have heard from him before. He is growing as a artist and it shows big time. If you have not heard his music before I suggest you go check it out. Overall this record is a fun listening experience which will turn you into a fan. -Royal Cortez


ColorFilm is a cool record which introduces new listeners to a gifted artist. It also keeps listeners who are already familiar with his music happy. ColorFilm will impress every person that pressed play. I enjoyed this song because it is very different from what I've heard from him before. I interpreted this joint as the musicial equivalent of finding color. What I mean by that is when we're stuck in a slump we only see grey. But ColorFilm is Ekow rapping from the perspective of a person in that position. Luckily they end up finding color in their lives. Sometimes all we have to do to find color is meet new people or discover new passions. He falls into the category a because it seems like he's talking about a girl. I love how he showcased diversity on his latest release. He has a variety of tracks for all type of audiences which is a positive. He has hype songs for the male and more smooth records for the girls. His latest release is a awesome offering which will make you hungry for more. The only thing I know is that we need more material from Ekow. As he releases more music it will begin to echo and spread.