Speakerbox X Royal Cortez song of the week #IloveitEdition

Every now and then we'll come across music that will have us yelling "I love it!" Last Friday Soloist member Doni released I love it that features Diego Francisco. These gifted locals let their chemistry shine throughout this offering. The way they played off each other was one of the biggest highlights from this track. Their beat making skills where also given the chance to shine. The production on this record is exceptional it's a mixture of refreshing and old. Doni's ability to make you say "I love it" after hearing his music is exactly why he's constantly featured on wearebugginout. Doni's latest release continued his hot streak while also introducing listeners including myself to a new artist. This week's Royal Cortez song of the week will have you loving it like McDonalds. -Royal Cortez


His latest release kicks off with Diego Francisco on the intro. DF has a very unique voice so he was able to get the listeners vibing. The best thing about it is that it felt completely natural. It flowed really well it was able to start making heads go up and down. Even though the intro was really short he made a great first impression. The funny thing is I haven't heard his music before but I seen him perform 2 times in under 72 hours. I caught his set at one of the Gldn Parties. It's nice to see the difference of how he sounds performing and on a record. The Danish one comes in punching like McGregor on the first verse. He delivered the goods by blessing the listeners with a short and sweet verse. I enjoyed how Doni pulled 2 verses on this joint. When I hear Soloist's records his verses always feel to go by quick so as a fan I'm never really satisfied. But with I love it hearing him pull a double was awesome. Verse numero uno is a great opening because it set's the mood. It helps you sink into the production. The beat is like a bean bag as you listen you fall in. But in the middle of both of these verses Diego Francisco delivered a solid 2nd. He gave us a self reflective verse which has dark undertones. I checked out his other content before hearing this joint and you can see the difference in styles right away. He did a great job in showcasing himself on this record. A features biggest goal is to make the song better and DF did exactly that. He was just as important as Doni on I love it. His future is looking brighter than Ironfist's hand. This won't be his last time being featured on wearebugginout. I chose this record as my song of the week for 1 major reason. A while back I realized that if it does not make the listener feel anything the artist is not accomplishing their job. When I say that I'm not speaking on deep rap I'm talking about just making you feel good. They showcased chemistry, producing ability, & the power to make the listener actually feel something. I chose this song because I pictured it playing on the radio making heads go up and down. I tuned in so my friends could hear it. If you could have seen their reaction you would have seen that I made the right choice.