Swavey releases Blood on my hands (Feat.Luca Vasi & EDP)

Last week Swavey released a new track titled Blood on my hands. His latest release features gifted artists Luca Vasi & EDP. Luca Vasi & Swavey shine on this song by doing what they do best which is rap. They both delivered memorable verses while standing out in their own ways. EDP did a excellent job on the hook which will win over music lovers. The Serge Crown produced record marks one of the most complete songs he has released. Serge Crown did a good job in creating a mellow beat that gave them the perfect canvas to create. This was a well executed collaboration that will have you wanting more. -Royal Cortez

Every time Swavey releases a new joint he impresses me with his diversity. This lyricist has the ability to create multiple sounds. That gives him a huge edge over his peers because you don't really know what to expect from him. This is a slower song compared to his last release. I liked how this track showed the listener a different side of him. It really helped maximize his variety which surely gave his music a huge boost. I haven't really heard new music from Luca Vasi in a minute so I enjoyed his verse. I thought it was a good move for him to use the flow he used. It was slow which let his lyrics come across very smoothly. I thought it was smart to have him as the last verse. He executed a great offering which will be stuck in the minds of many listeners. EDP did an excellent job delivering a beautiful hook. She made a great first impression on me by showcasing her vocals. She really helped make this song great and it shows. Adding the singer dynamic was a nice addition which helped make this track awesome. The major reason it was great is I haven't really heard Luca Vasi or Swavey work with a singer before until now. All 3 of them showcased their best qualities and got you excited to hear more of their music. They also stood out & did not sound like each other which elevated all 3 of them.