Swavey drops Give & Go (feat.Woodro) (Prod.Cxdy)

Swavey linked up with Woodro for a new song titled Give & Go. The Cxdy produced record is an excellent display of 2 young artists. They both have bright futures ahead of them in music. This marks the 2nd time that I've heard them both on the same track. The 1st time I heard them together was a few months back on Luca Vasi's Flu Game. This collab is a fun joint which let's both of them shine. They showed the listeners what we can expect from them. A few qualities I've grown to expect from them are great beats,excellent verses, & incredible chemistry. -Royal Cortez

Woodro starts this song off strong by showing up with his A game. He delivered a memorable verse which will make listeners into fans. This is the ideal first verse reason being it sets the mood. Usually if this was another artist it would be a hard time following Woodro. But Swavey followed it up really well without a hesitation. He attacked the beat like if he had something to prove. His verse will make many double recognise his ability to spazz. I enjoyed how they did this joint the main focus is the bars and that is evident. It's a fun record which will make you want to hear more collabs from them. They did a stellar job rapping over Cvdy's production. Cvdy did a good job creating a banger. When you hear the beat it helps you get in your zone. After hearing Give & Go I want to hear them on more of his beats. Every line hits you in the face like a punch arrow from Oliver Queen. On Give & Go this duo is reminiscent of many dominant duos like LeBron James & D Wade because they brought the heat. But they also showed signs of being a Shaq & Kobe Duo reason being it was showtime the whole time. The way they played off each other was really interesting. They assisted each other and helped the other score.