E Fresh gives Day 1s the video treatment

E Fresh has returned to bless music lovers with a new video. His latest song Day 1s got the visuals treatment. As you can tell by the title it's a record dedicated to his day 1s. It's a catchy record which will have you calling your partners and telling them 2 things. The first is that you appreciate them staying loyal. The second thing you would tell them is that you appreciate their friendship. His latest release showed us many traits which helped elevate Day 1s. It showcased how E Fresh has an excellent ear for beats. It also helped bring awareness to the fact his consistency is incredible. His latest offering makes it 4 tracks that he's released this month. -Royal Cortez.

Day 1s kicks off slow with the beat playing. Then the camera looks directly at E Fresh as he starts walking. He took the simple approach which was honestly the best move to make. This is a great joint on it's own the song makes the video. The reason it does that is because his lyrics help paint a picture already. So that is why he did not have to do anything extra. It was a smart move to keep things simple reason being it helped paint him in a different light. He takes the listener to memory lane by talking about dead friends & peers behind bars. He helps the listener get to know him by showing them where he is from. He also covers his hardships which ultimately made him who he is today. E Fresh shows love to his Day 1s by creating an anthem that they can press play everyday. The production was very fun to hear. This gem is really enjoyable because of the vibe it gives the listener/watcher. His latest offering continues his momentum at full speed. Day 1s is an excellent gem that will turn many into fans.