Speakerbox X Mondays: Royal Cortez song of the week #TellMeEdition

Tell me is a joint that will help you decide on what to do when you're confused. If you're staying up late at night losing sleep I have the solution for you. By the time you finish listening to this song it will help make everything clear. The mist will disappear and you will see what needs to be done. This tune will give you the guidance and support you need. I enjoyed how this is a short record reason being it was a enjoyable listen the whole time. Listeners will appreciate how he wasted no time going straight to the point. Tell Me is a pretty straightforward track which let Akira prove himself pretty easily. -Royal Cortez

When you come across Akira's newest offering his lyrics will start talking to you. That is one of the greatest things music can do. Once you see your own feelings and experiences in the art you're listening to something special happens. In this moment that song has a long lasting effect on you because of it's ability to make you connect. Every time you listen to that track it becomes a special listening experience. Once you press play you will realize how exceptional Tell me is. The MiiiKXY produced track is a great release. The production delivers by creating a gloomy vibe. It creates a feeling of dark reflection. The hook does a excellent job in helping make this gem complete. Sadly many artists use hooks as filler but Akira used this hook to play a purpose. The verses are chapters but the hook helps end Tell Me on a good note. Once you're done listening you will remember his name. All this helped play into why I decided to choose this track as my song of the week. The production helped win me over reason being the energy it gave off. As of late I been going through a slump so connecting to this track was pretty easy. Akira became a surfer on his latest release because he rode the beat and our emotions. Tell me is a story of struggling with not knowing what to do. This is a struggle that many of us deal with both old and young. The main reason why I chose this track as my song the week is a natural one. When I'm confused and without direction I listen to music. It helps me think about what I should do. So I wanted to pick a record that could help listeners choose what to do when it's not obvious in the moment.