Moochieee drops visuals for Larry Bird

D.O.A entertainment signee Moochieee released visuals for a track titled Larry Bird. The Kill Em produced song is a fun offering which will turn you into a fan. Domico Phillips shot,directed, and edited this video. If you are not familiar with Richmond's Moochieee you will be after you finish this movie. Overall it's a fun track with a cool vibe. You will surely enjoy Larry Bird because of the energy it gives off. His future is looking very bright because of his latest offering. He will make a great impression on you once you press play. -Royal Cortez

I enjoyed this video it went perfectly with the vibe of the track. The scenes really helped nail the concept home. Larry Bird starts off in a car with Moochie rapping while in the back seat. He has a couple of dudes with him. I see why he titled this song Larry Bird it fits really well. It's a short video but it is very enjoyable. This is the type of track you start feeling right when it starts playing. The hook is very catchy it will get stuck in your head. Moochieee shows the listeners that he is capable of creating memorable material. He has a smooth style which makes his lyrics sound very nice. I see way much more content on the way that will win over listeners. After watching Larry Bird I can say with no doubt in my mind that things are looking very positive. D.O.A entertainment has a very good roster and Moochie is a huge reason why. He is the type of artist you want on your team. Do you want to know why? It's simple if he is pushed correctly and consistently there is no limit on what he can accomplish. This Richmond rapper has a very bright future ahead of him which is evident.