Lashawn The Lyricist unleashes 18 (Prod.Nayz)

At the end of July LaShawn The Lyricist gifted us with a stellar record. He released 18 which is a track that touches on what is scary about turning that age. The Nayz produced cut is a great which lets him shine. Nayz created a stellar beat which goes perfectly with his MC counterpart. The production is perfect for this type of tune. His latest release is a song that focuses on him coming to a realization. LaShawn realizes that he's becoming a grown man. I don't think no one else has created a joint about turning 18 which is incredible! As each year passes we all reminisce about when we were younger. At times we want to be young forever and that's what 18 is trying to get across. -Royal Cortez

He was born and raised in Bloomington, IL. The Chandler lyricist has been living in Arizona for the last 4 years. So that means these last few years in AZ have been very important. They have helped make him who he is today. You can ultimately say that has helped make him into who he is. 18 is a fun record which brings up a grip of things adults have to do. When you talk to middle age people one thing always comes up. Young people often hear phrases like "Back in my day we would _____" "When I was your age I was always ____" On this song LaShawn realizes that soon enough he will be one of those older heads. He also realizes that he now has more responsibilities than ever. 18 has put him in a great position to win. It's a magnificent joint which accomplished something very important. At the end of the day it will make listeners excited to hear more of his music.