Lando Chill unloads visuals for Take It Slow

Lando Chill has released a video for Take it slow. This track is off his latest album which is titled The boy who spoke to the wind. The master of chill has showed us that he's constantly putting out fantastic visuals. I actually wanted to see this happen reason being this is one of my favorite songs off the album. I'm happy he chose to give this tune the visual treatment. When you're listening to it for the first time you can tell right away It's special. The energy it gives you is life changing. What makes this jewel so impressive is it speaks to your soul. This video is one the biggest highlights of August because of It's creativity. He followed up his previous release perfectly. By showcasing his diversity with these last 2 videos. The difference in styles and vibes are highlights in themselves. -Royal Cortez

I interpreted Take it slow as Lando Chill telling the listener to take it easily. He is telling you to chill so stop drink water. Take a deep breath listen to what he's telling you. His vocals on this song are delivered smoothly. He has stepped into therapist mode and did something special. Lando Chill helped us solve our deepest problems by telling us he knows our pain. These visuals mesh perfectly with this song which only helps elevate it. I love the fact that when the hook was going on something special was going on. You could see different scenary being displayed in his body. I interpreted those scenes as him showing us what happens when we don't take it slow. Teachers parents and our elders usually tell us to take it slow when we are mad or scared. But when we don't 2 things usually happen we self destruct or get attacked because we where left defenceless. The main thing I love about his videos is that they always have small details that fit in a bigger picture. It's like he purposely adds in certain things to make us put pieces together. Basically everything is so the watcher or listener can interpret what he is trying to say. When you think about it Lando Chill is showing us he's a genius. 2 reasons proves this the first is listeners are learning deeper things in his music. The 2nd is by having a open interpretation in his visuals it causes one thing. It make fans interact more with him by asking questions about the meaning behind it all. If you have not listened to The boy who spoke to the wind you have to press play right away.