HiRISE & Sho Nuff drop What'cha Saying

HiRise & ShoNuff linked up to blessed us with a track that will have your foes asking What'cha saying? This great duo gave the listeners a stellar song which will win you over. It's a fun record that has a catchy hook and memorable verses. At the end of this tune they will send you to the afterworld. What'cha saying will have you vibing the whole time. They showed a grip of chemistry which made this collab special. After hearing this you will need at least another 5 more collabs from them. They managed to deliver a exceptional tune and made the listeners hungry for more. -Royal Cortez

When I saw this song in my timeline I was happy to see 2 artists I'm already familar with work together. I became familiar with HiRise because of The Afterworld podcast which he's a host on. If you're not familiar with it I suggest you check it out. But also check out his music because he is a great artist in his own right. I became acquainted to ShoNuff when I heard him on Cash Lansky's Movin. He kicks off What'cha saying with a memorable verse. ShoNuff wasted no time in going to work which was awesome. He had some cool lines I was digging the shogun line is the first one that caught my attention. His low blow line was dope to hear as a wrestling fan. The slapping like high 5s was a fun line which would be dope to see live. The hook is catchy as hell it really gets you in a good vibe. HiRise had a stellar closing verse. It ended it on a great note which has a cliff hanger effect. The reason it has that effect is because it's that good! It will make you want to hear more of their music. After I heard his verse I had to check out his other songs as well. I checked out the 2 other tracks he had on his Soundcloud which are also great. Make sure you guys check out Trust Nobody & I ain't playing. Which is what every closing verse should do. After hearing What'cha saying we need to hear more music from this formidable duo.