Greez drops No Shame (Prod.BassFingerz)

The gifted Greez from a remote location has delivered No Shame. The Bassfingerz produced track was released last week. His latest offering is a fun song which will get you hype. If you're looking to get hype and have a good time listen to this. If I was you I would bump this while showing people you have no shame! When I asked people on twitter who they wanted to see an article on I came across this jewel. Greez was one of the best answers hands down. I have been listening to this gem nonstop since I pressed play. This is that type of rap which makes you want to flex. This song is a summer anthem which can easily be on the radio. If you're a radio host & you're looking for hype music put No Shame in rotation. -Royal Cortez

This song kicks off with the beat slowly coming in no words being spoke. But as time passes Greez comes in with a crispy flow. His lyrics have that bragging vibe which makes this track sound extra confident. The production fits perfectly with that vibe which shows big time. The beat is a mixture of hype and dark which is a impressive combo. Greez is not the only musican who shined on No Shame. BassFingers displayed his beat making abilities in the best way! After fans and artists listen to this song they will want to hear more from him. In music when you hear a confident artist you will gravitate towards them. The reason for that is because it's very contagious. That's exactly why a large percentage of people lean towards hype songs. No shame ultimately will help Greez out in every way. To name a few it will get easy blog coverage and you can look at this piece as evidence. This song will probably get on the radio very easily because it has many notable qualities. It's a song that sounds great makes you vibe and won't sound bad being played 15 times a day. No Shame has made the future look very positive for both Greez & BassFingerz