Reppa Ton & BIGeech release Rain Down

Richmond lyricist Reppa Ton has returned to the front lines by linking up with BiGeech for Rain Down. He is one of the most consistent artists you'll come across. Rep has released 2 projects this year Orphanage of dreams and most recently Tatoo. We will actually be releasing a review on Tatoo at the end of the week. His work ethic will win you over and turn you into a fan. Company FTL's head honcho has not slowed down one bit and it's amazing. This was my 1st time listening to BiGeech but it felt like I been bumping his music for years! That's how you know you are meant to be an artist's fan because it feels organic. He has made me want to listen to more of his music. But most importantly they showed me how well they work together. Reppa Ton & BiGeech will also make you want to listen to more collabs between these 2 awesome musicians. -Royal Cortez

Rain Down kicks off slowly with the sample playing multiple times. It ultimately gets you in the vibe by getting stuck in your head. The production on this track is awesome. I was digging this song right from the jump and I have a good feeling so will you. The hook is really catchy and it makes you want to rain down. Reppa Ton takes the first verse and delivers a memorable offering. He gives us a verse that reflects on how his life has been going and what others think. What I appreciate and respect about Rep is that he's not scared to be vulnerable in his music. It was refreshing to hear him talk about what his ex says about him. It shows that her simple words don't phase him. That will probably inspire other males to talk about the foul stuff their exes tell them. Being vulnerable is one of the best things an artist can do for a huge reason. It makes the listener connect on a emotional level. BiGeech shines on Rain Down by laying down well executed verses. He showcased a smoothly delivered flow which pleases ears. His verse has some great punchlines that will win over every hip hop head over. I have my inner hip hop head locked up but BiGeech brought him out. He made me get excited to hear more of his music. It was awesome to be impressed by an artist I haven't heard already! The future is looking very bright for both of these artists. Only one thing for sure we need more collabs between these 2 lyricists. Since this track was posted on Bandcamp it did not allow me to embed it so head over to Reppa Ton's profile to check it out.