Cordero Eubanks releases Concrete

Cordero Eubanks from Chicago relocated to Tucson during the summer. He has not wasted no time and has went straight to work. The gifted lyricist has released his first song titled Concrete since he has moved down here. He showcases his great ear for production while giving us a refreshing track. His latest tune is a self reflective ballad which will win you over. You will turn into a fan after hearing this gem. It tells us a story about how when things get hard like concrete we have to keep pushing. I actually started listening to his music when It was brought to my attention he had moved to Tucson. Certain artists have the ability to win you over by having you listen to just one of their songs. With his latest offering will have that effect on you. -Royal Cortez


His latest song kicks off with a spoken word type intro. Some of the words stood out to me more than others. He talks about choosing not to be like other lifeless roses around him who usually drown. I interpreted that as him telling us he doesn't want to be gone when his time comes. He wants to live forever through his musc. Cordero Eubanks wants to bloom into a influence by teaching others to learn through his wrongs and etc. As a fan of poetry it was awesome to hear Cordero Eubanks do this. As many know a grip of artists learn how to write music by learning how to write poetry. Poetry has played a huge role in hip hop even icons like 2Pac have wrote poetry books! I saw Concrete dealing with the fact that things get hard. It's like he is telling the listeners that we just have to reflect on the situation and grow. The crazy thing is no one grows because of happiness. Growth is usually caused by pain and the struggle. This was a beautiful gem which made me get to know Cordero Eubanks on a deeper level. The future is looking very bright for the former Chicago native. He is a gifted musician and I have no doubt in my mind that Tucson hip hop fans will gladly embrace him!