Speakerbox X Mondays:Royal Cortez Song Of The Week #NewDangersEdition

Last Sunday Tucson native Woodro released a new track called New Dangers. His latest offering features Boston artist Michael Christmas. The Syndrome produced record shows us how well the lyricists mesh. He created a stellar beat for these mcs to do their thing. The first ever Woodro & Michael Christmas collab will fulfill every desire you have. But the crazy thing is it will also leave you wanting more! This new joint shows us that even when new dangers rise the pair can not be harmed. Coming off releasing 2000 this summer he has kept his foot on the gas pedal the whole time. For that very same reason I had to choose New Dangers as my song of the week. You might as well give the summer to him because he owned it. -Royal Cortez


Woodro's latest release presented a new danger to hip hop music. He has proved something which has been obvious for a long time. New Dangers showed listeners the ability he has to hold his own with beloved lyricists. Now you have no option but to recognize him as the threat he is. When dro told me about this song I was excited to hear it. It was exciting because I have both of these artist's music in constant rotation. That is one reason why this collab felt special. Syndrome did a excellent job on the production side of things. The beat is truly a work of art which helped make this record feel very special. The production helped add a edge which elevated this joint. Woodro kicks off New Dangers with a enjoyable verse. It's a memorable offering reason being he wasted no time in going to work. I enjoyed how his verse progresses it has a organic pace. It's also a great example of how natural a tune can turn out because of it. He shined by holding his own. The vibe this record gives off was a huge reason why I chose it as my song of the week. The chemistry they displayed on this will make listeners enjoy it a lot. Michael Christmas did a great job as expected. He had multiple lines that will stick out to you. The confidence he showed on New Dangers was awesome. This gifted lyricist has been out for a few years but he still manages to show growth. It's awesome to see him work with a artist like Woodro. Who knows maybe next time the roles will be switched and dro will be featured in his song! One of the main reasons why I chose New Dangers is because of how natural this collab felt. Another reason why I chose it is the production really got me vibing. I saw this track as the perfect song to have played on the radio this week for one major reason. Out of all the tunes I heard last week New Dangers stood out from the rest. The chemistry production & execution all positioned this gem as my song of the week.