Rewind to 95 review

AZMP member Poetic Incline released a beat tape called Rewind to 95 last month. He has showed us that he's not just a great rapper but also a dope beat maker. His first release as a producer is a 8 track project which showed us his best qualities. Everyone that listens to his music knows he is a stellar lyricist. But now they also know they can add producer to his resume. His music going forward will be twice as fun to hear. The reason for that is because he now has a new edge. After hearing this exceptional offering the listeners will want more beat tapes from Poetic Incline. -Royal Cortez


Rewind to 95 kicks off with a excellent song titled Cosmos. If you love that hip hop sample based lane you will become enchanted by this gem. It has a great sound that will make you nod your head. I love hearing beat tapes that actually make me vibe. So let me tell you this ladies and gentlemen this track will have you thinking you're in 8mile. If this is the type of production we can expect from Poetic Incline I'm all for it! AZMP now has another great producer among their ranks. The other is their resident chef OTM. Who knows maybe the future holds a Poetic Incline & OTM tape! I'm excited to see what he ends up cooking with the rest of his AZMP teammates. The 2nd track Daikatana has a darker vibe but like fists it bumps. He really chose to switch it up right away which was a smart move. That decision makes him look unpredictable which is good. That will ultimately make people want to listen to more of his music. I want to hear him rap over this beat eventually because it fits him well. This instrumental has a more hype mood to it which is good. Watching someone perform over this beat live would be pretty cool. The hype continues with Thumper which has a more live feeling to it. When you hear certain beats you can already picture what scenarios they will be in. I see a crowd getting hype to this record while the performer goes wild. When you listen closely it's almost like this a game theme song made into a hype record. I can see him or one of his teammates making a song to this beat. I enjoyed the vibe from this track it doesn't waste no time. It goes right into it and showcases Poetic Incline's producing talents. The 1st 3 tunes have been pretty diverse they all had different vibes. That is what mostly caught me off guard how their is no specific sound. He is having fun and experimenting with what he can do. If you fast forward a few tracks you come across a stand out titled Chased. It's a fun song which has a deadly edge. I fell in love with this gem because of how it progressed. It has a natural vibe to when you listen to it everything feels organic. Even though it's a short tune it is still very enjoyable. I wouldn't mind if it was 5 minutes or 7. This was a stand out for it's ability to stick out from the rest. It showed us how Poetic Incline can create a variety of sounds. The runner up for my favorite song was Doyho. The final track on this tape caught my attention for a number of reasons. When you listen to it you get that "This is the end." vibe. It perfectly closes the adventure that rewind has been on. This tape goes from going back to 95 to coming full speed into 2017. Rewind to 95 is him telling us all his stories from childhood to now. The most important thing is it shows us how he has grown through out that time. If he has evolved into a MC & producer in that time imagine what can happen? You will find it interesting how we don't know what else he could become! Rewind to 95 was a great project which will make many recognize his producing ability. Make sure you check it out so you can see for yourself!

Favorite Song? Ultra Violets

Samples are the most beautiful thing to be created. Ultra Violets caught my attention right away. Right when I heard the sample I knew this was it. This gem stood out from the rest in a magnificent way. Poetic Incline executed this beat flawlessly. It has a special appeal which will make hip hop heads flock towards it. This track will truly make you rewind to 95. Imagine being back in that year & hearing the production on albums released during that time. Some projects released in that day like Soul food,Liquid Swords, & Do or die share one similar trait. What is that trait? Simple the production on all these projects are very similar. You get many vibes from them that feel the same. In that day many producers used a grip of samples which made their beats soulful. This track gave me that same vibe. It was truly poetic, calm, & beautiful which is exactly why I chose it as my favorite song off this project.

Rating? 4 Crowns

Rewind to 95 has earned a 4 crowns reasons being it was a well put together beat tape. At the end of the day it will turn heads like sundresses in the summer. It's a fun project by a gifted lyricist/producer who has a bright future ahead of him. This beat tape has proved he is a threat in multiple areas. His future content will be very interesting to hear because of this tape. The AZMP member is in a great position to win. After this tape the only thing he can do is continue hismomentum. This offering showcased his diversity which elevated it to another level. Every song is similar and different at the same time which made this project more interesting. He had a great balance in creating bangers and more hip hop head oriented records. I enjoyed how he was able to create multiple styles on this tape it was cool to hear. This project was a great release for Poetic Incline it helps build anticipation for his future content. He made us rewind and recline then launched us full force into 2017. Rewind to 95 was him telling us the adventures & experiences that have led him to become who he is today. He does that by making multiple vibes in these songs to help paint that picture. If you have not listened to it already I recommend you do.