Monsoon Season Review

A few weeks ago Marley B released a EP titled Monsoon Season which is produced entirely by DJ Hoppa. The Gldn Artist Group member linked up with the Broken Complex producer/DJ to bless us with an amazing project. This 6 track offering is Marley's first project release since 2016's Grow. The Tucson native rapper spazzed on every song that DJ Hoppa tossed him. They showed us that they are a deadly duo who work really well together. Their first offering together is one that will please you musically but make you want more at the same time. After hearing Monsoon Season only one thing is certain. We need more music from this great duo. Monsoon Season is one of the best projects to come out this year. They are both stellar artists in their own right but together they created a magical feeling. Marley B had a release party for this project at Club Congress which had a bill that included Phat Cat Records,Jaca Zulu,Sho Nuff,Squad Deep. He also had his Gldn Artist Group compadres Jae Tilt and Cash Lansky on the bill. If you have not heard Monsoon Season you should be charged with treason. -Royal Cortez

His latestMonsoon Season kicks off with Drugs which once you press play will make you think you're off the drugs drugs drugs drugs. This is a perfect track to kick off this anticipated project reason being it's a fun tune which will make you get in that feel good vibe. Great music makes you feel something when you listen to it and the 1st song does exactly that. Since both of these artists are known for their love of drugs this song was one that we were hoping for. Some of the best songs are usually created when the people who work on it are focusing on something they both love or are passionate about. It is obvious they both love drugs and music. So what is the best way to show that? The answer is right in your face. It's obvious man if you don't see it you're blind. The answer is by making a record about the drugs drugs drugs! This is one of the catchiest joints to come out this summer hands down. If you have not seen Marley B perform Drugs live you're missing out like a kid with no friends. The 2nd song on this tape is Gods watch which has a more darker vibe on it. I enjoyed this track I haven't heard this side of Marley B before so he caught me off guard. It's very refreshing to see him talk about more serious subjects. DJ Hoppa did a great job on this beat it matches Marley B very well. I enjoyed how when he was rapping on the first verse he was rapping from a Syrian kid's perspective. This is probably one of the most creative songs to come out of 2017. Many artists would not do a track like this because they would be scared of the backlash. Music like this is need reason being it's deeper then rap. He Is painting perspectives which are not being told and It's amazing. Marley B should be praised for this record. on God's Watch he is giving many kids who are dealing with unfortunate circumstances. I was not expecting him to switch perspectives which is a good thing. Hearing him rap from the soldiers perspective was really cool. Every now and then I think about joining the military so I can pay for college and etc. But one thing always makes me ignore that option. I always think about the same things that he said. I can never see myself in the position to choose between my life or a kid's life that has been programmed into hating me because of where I'm from. That is why even if we don't agree why they are fighting certain wars these individuals are a brave group. His unpredictability made this joint very enjoyable.  Monsoon Season starts pouring and flooding your ears with fun songs and Let it go is no different. It's a dope record which makes you want to let go of your ego,hate, and insecurities. But most importantly it makes you want to let go of everything that is stressing you out. I don't advertise "drug" use but sometimes we just all need to roll it up and toke.  This is one of my favorite stand outs from this ep reason being it's a feel good record. The production on Let It go stood out to me heavy. It is funky enjoyable and unique which are traits you can expect from DJ Hoppa. He has displayed a huge amount of diversity which makes his music very interesting. It's dope to see him being able to add variety to this offering. He is able of creating joints that will get you hype while others are more serious. He switches it up once again with Inner Struggle. On this track he is self reflecting by telling us what he's struggling with internally. Marley B spoke on how he mostly focuses on being positive which is a great thing. That's what made this tune stick out to me reason being he decided to tell us what is fighting with. It will remind listeners that he is also human who fights against doubt just like they do. The beat has a darker vibe which helped give it a edge.  Summer had many projects released during the summer but Monsoon Season was one of the highlights. The Tucson Native shined on the DJ Hoppa produced EP.  He covered a lot of subjects which helped add range to his latest release. This project was truly a journey that the listener got to experience with him. He told us about his struggles,problems,tribulations, and even his love for the drugs drugs drugs drugs. If you have not heard Monsoon Season I recommend you do you can buy it on Itunes or stream it on Spotify.

 Favorite Song? Run

My favorite song off Monsoon Season has to be Run hands down. I gravitated towards this joint more than the others because of the vibe. I'm a fan of darker records so when I heard this track I put it on repeat at least 58 times. Marley B showed me a different side of him which made me enjoy this jewel more. The production on Run played a huge part in me choosing it as my favorite. DJ Hoppa did a excellent job in creating a beat that can help the listener question what they're running from. I enjoyed the lyrics reason being I'm able to connect on a personal level to it so It made me vibe more. All those reasons are why I chose Run as my favorite. 

Rating? 4 Crowns

Monsoon Season has earned a 4 Crowns rating for the growth and variety that Marley B displayed. The production on this ep was stellar. The content showed us that the Tucson native is a diverse artist who can talk on multiple subjects. His latest release is a prime example of why you should be following this musician. This project is complete from top to bottom. The production is stellar. DJ hoppa did a magnificent job on every single track. His production was one of the biggest highlights on this joint. Marley B's maturity as a artist was one of the biggest things that made his latest offering so enjoyable. His ability to touch on different things made this a fun listening experience. He packed so much into this ep it's breath taking. After hearing Monsoon Season you will know him a bit more as a person and as a artist.