King Of Nothing Review

Phoenix MC Blaze Rock released a great project titled King Of Nothing during the summer. His latest release is the 5th that he has released this year. He will continue his hot streak at the end of the month. He will be releasing another release titled Monsterwolf. Monsterwolf will be his 6th project of the year which goes to show you his consistency. It will be released on August 26th. King Of Nothing is one of the most complete projects I have heard this summer. My inner hip hop head came out when I listened to this offering. If you're a fan of the more hard hitting style of rap this joint is for you. Blaze Rock shines on his latest release by showcasing his amazing beat selection. He hits you with hard hitting bars which will make you recognize his ability. There is more than rocks that get blazed on King of Nothing. -Royal Cortez


Blaze Rock starts off his latest project with Kings must rule. This is a great introduction track reason it kicks off King Of Nothing on a great note. Even though it's a short song it accomplishes it's purpose. He shows the listeners that only the Kings can rule. I interpreted this gem as him telling the listener "Even though I am the king of nothing I will rule the world." I enjoyed this tune heavy because it got me in the mood to listen to the whole album. That is what every 1st song should do! It should make you want to hear the whole project from front to back 100 times over. It transitions smoothly into the more hard hitting Come get some. I saw this song as Blaze Rock challenging his competitors to test him. The thing about kings is they can not back down or they will not follow him. The followers of a king will see their leader as weak so they will defy his orders. But with Come get some he is telling anyone who is listening that they better not question him. This song is cut throat it's in your face and if you get scared easily you're doomed. Blaze Rock warns every foe they will fall if they try to test his power. This gem has a really dope beat which helps elevate this track. It also has a really great hook that will make a hip hop head reminisce to the golden ages. Another stand out track I enjoyed was Who made you god. It caught my attention right away when I heard the sample. Blaze Rock has excellent taste the beat has a special vibe. It got me feeling the beat and made me want to hear the verses right away. He shined on this gem by hitting us with bars harder than a punch from Shawn Jordan. His punchlines will leave your head hurt like a concussion. The samples that play during the hook are a great addition. They really help hit the point home. I enjoyed this song heavy because of his ability to create a catchy hook & enjoyable verses. A track that really stood out to me was I feel alright. The production on this gem separates it from the other songs on this album. This is a stand out reason being it shows a different side of Blaze Rock. It's a self reflective ballad which shows us his thoughts. It also tells us he is feeling alright about every aspect of his life. Even though others are trying to make him less than he is it's not phasing him. I enjoyed how he told the listeners what others say about him for one huge reason. That reason is because he is reflecting on himself by looking at what they say about him. But the great thing about how he does it is how Blaze Rock does not care what they say. Which in all honesty is how we should all react. Enforcer is another song that earned the repeat treatment. I could not stop playing this song it was to enjoyable. You will enjoy the flow he uses It's different from the other ones he has used so far. The easiest way to describe it is relaxed but firm. It ultimately helps him do something amazing. It helps him deliver this song to home base like if it was Barry Bonds. He has some excellent samples on this song which make it more enjoyable. Blaze Rock puts himself in the position to be the rap enforcer as king. King Of nothing has been a great listening experience for many reasons. He has shown us his ability to put together a great album with stellar production and breath taking verses. Blaze Rock's latest release was one of the best projects to drop this summer. You can check out King Of Nothing on his Bandcamp profile. His streak is at it's hottest right now and he will capitalize on it by releasing Monsterwolf at the end of the month on August 26th. I am sure he will follow up his latest album very strong. I'm excited to hear more content and so should you!


Favorite Song? The Mercy Killer

I never had a hero mindset so I'm the type to lean towards artists who have a more cut throat attitude. I never believed in showing mercy to people I don't like. It's dumb to show compassion to people who have harmed you and disrespected you. That is one of the reasons why I leaned towards making The Mercy Killer as my favorite song. Of course the beat played a huge role in making this tune my favorite. Blaze Rock showed no mercy on this gem which made me gravitate towards it. I interpreted this as him saying no one will be shown mercy. Sometimes that's the best way to go because when friends think they will get mercy they act out. In the times of kings they did not show mercy to no one and that's how it's supposed to be. It is common knowledge that the nice guy never wins sadly. So you have to be cut throat to succeed. That is the main reason why business people win because they show no mercy. The reason this track became my favorite is it made me see things in a different light.


Rating? 4 Crowns

King Of Nothing has earned a 4 crowns rating because it was one of the highlights for my summer. It was a great album that introduced me to an awesome artist who I wasn't familiar with already. The way I start rocking with a new musician is simple. I always listen to their latest project if I'm impressed I become a fan. Blaze Rock's latest release showcases his best qualities. Every song has memorable bars with excellent production. He has a great ear which elevates his music. the samples he chose are proof of that. King of nothing is basically the beginning of him becoming a king of something. His latest album has set the bar high for his next release. He has raised the expectations for his next project which is a good thing. The thing is though Blaze Rock will definitely deliver.