Introvert Review

Denver Colorado MC Ray Lyle released his latest tape last month titled Introvert. The 6 track offering is a very solid project which will win you over. He showcased his ability to create a variety of tracks. That will ultimately help him out in the long run. The vibes on this release are pretty diverse & that is awesome. At the end of the day that can only be seen as a positive. Some are happy while others are not because they're darker. But the thing is they all have one thing in common. Every track has a certain level of mellow attached. This release won me over & has made me excited to hear more music from Ray Lyle. -Royal Cortez


Introvert kicks off with a track full of good vibes which is really reviving. This is exactly what I was talking about in my intro. Off the mrk will put you in a great mood reason being it's a happy song. These type of tunes are the ones that will have you smiling while you listen. Ray Lyle also showcases his beat making talents by producing this gem. He also produced 4 other songs on this tape which means he produced 5 out of 6. Ray Lyle took a very hands on approach which truly elevated his music. He literally took care of every aspect in creating Introvert. You can tell by seeing how well this project progresses. You can also tell by seeing how organic each track transitions to the next. The 2nd song on this tape shares the same name as a legendary pokemon. The one & only Metapod who is one of the most frustrating pokemon to use. Ray Lyle appointed the term nerd on himself. So I was expecting to hear something like this. I interpreted this gem as him telling the listener how he has evolved. I enjoyed this jewel alot because of the production. He did a great job in creating a smooth & relaxed beat to tell us about his evolution.  Metapod is a fun song which will make you vibe. He showcased his ability to make the listener vibe which will only help him in the long run. Ray Lyle also shined by keeping his pen strong & throwing in a Danny Phantom punchline. These first 2 songs have kicked off Introvert in the right direction. Overdue pt.ll was another stand out which I enjoyed. It's a mixture of laidback and cut throat which has a pretty animating effect. If you feel dead inside it will bring you back alive. His production on Introvert has been pretty consistent which is awesome. This talented mc's consistency on the production has elevated this project to another level. Even the featured artist on this gem slaughters it. This gem is pretty short but both Ray Lyle & Jordan from Colorado shine big time. OverDue pt.ll has made me a fan of both these gifted lyricists. Only one thing will be sure after you finish playing this track. That thing is we will need to hear more collabs from these musicians. Ray Lyle did a great job on his latest relase which has solidifed him as an artist to look out for. He shined in every way the production is stellar, his lyrics are breath taking, & his consistency will leave you in awe. He is a rapper you should be familiar with and if you're not check out his latest project so you can be.


Favorite Song? Introvert

My favorite song off Introvert has to be the title track itself for a couple reasons. The first is very simple it completely changed the direction of this tape. Since it was the 3rd tune on this project it was in the perfect position to do so. The first 2 records had a very fun good feel vibe to them. But once Introvert came in he pulled a 360 on the listener. It has a obviously very different energy compared to Off the mrk & Metapod. I see why he put it as the 3rd song and it is honestly a genius move. Let me break it down for you he tricked the listener with the first 2 tracks. Ray Lyle purposely fooled us by creating a false image. He made us believe that the rest of this offering was going to have that happy energy. But as you can tell he tricked us so it added a feeling of unpredictability to his music. That is always a great thing to have because it makes it 100 times more enjoyable. No one likes hearing music and already knowing what to expect. By surprising the listeners is how you will build a dedicated following. The 2nd reason why Introvert became my favorite is simple. I'm a fan of that more rugged & gritty bars type rap which Introvert fell into. It has a more aggresive approach which I am personally a huge fan of. It was cool to see him showcase his diversity as well. Which is why Introvert became my favorite song on this project.

Rating? 4 Crowns

Introvert has earned a 4 crowns rating because it was a really fun listening experience. This tape has turned me into a fan of Ray Lyle. 70% of the time when people recommend their friends I don't like their music. But when I checked this tape out I knew I came across something special. He is exception to that rule so I probably have to thank Benny Loc for the suggestion. It also made me appreciate smaller projects way more than I already did for a few reasons. The first reason was because it showed me how well a small tape flows if executed correctly. It did not feel forced at all which is something that I miss in music. Most of the time when I listen to projects they don't feel natural. But when I listened to this tape each song transitioned smoothly. Introvert has position Ray Lyle in a position to win. If I'm a blogger & I am looking for a certain type of artist I will probably gravitate towards him. I listened to the other projects he has released in the past and I can tell you one thing. You can see the growth right away which is incredible. This is one of the most solid projects I have heard recently because of all the reasons listed. If I was to recommend a great project from these lsst 2 months Introvert would be it.