Times review

 Exactly about a month ago Adobe House/Soloist member FanningSystems released his latest beat tape titled Times. The talented rapper/producer is one of the latest members from Adobe House/Soloist to have released a project this year. They are one of the most consistent camps in Tucson full of amazing talent. Times is a prime example of the great content that producers can create. Even though there is no vocals this tape spoke to me more than any verse could. It showcases his beat making abilities in a way which will intrigue you. When you press play time will fly by because you will sink into his production. He has delivered a great offering which shows that he is capable of delivering stellar solo offerings. The future is looking very bright for him and no one can stop him. Everyone knows he can rap his ass off but now he's showed us that he can also produce amazing material as well. That's not to say he already couldn't but I see Times as the project that solidified him in my eyes. -Royal Cortez.

Times welcomes us with a great first track that truly sets the vibe for the rest of the tape. Smoked up in the Neiman Marcus parking lot is a great intro song for many reasons. Right from the jump he gives us energy which is wrapped with mystery. It makes you curious reason being the sound he displayed can't really be traced back to anyone but himself. He shined on this gem by showing us that his style is rare. He separated himself from other producers on this track which shows right away. The first song is the most important in my eyes. The reason it's so significant is because when the listener presses play and it starts going that's when he/she knows they feel it. You can either intrigue them so they can check out the rest of your tape or you can bore them. He accomplished something very special that so many can only dream of even doing. Now he has my attention after listening to the first gem. He continues this adventure through times with 5 bedroom crystal space condo. I'm really digging this song it's a mixture of trippy smooth and blast this. FanningSystems followed it up really well imagine these 2 songs being intertwined. He basically built a bridge between these first 2 jewels and crossed over to make both songs connect. It's rare for producers to make stories in their beats. Most of the time when a beat tape is released it is sadly all over the place. Systems showed us he is able to steer the ship on the right direction which was very refreshing. I can hands down say this is one of my favorite beat tapes released this year because of what he was able to do with it. I got goosebumps listening to each track pass by. What I personally love about listening to strictly instrumentals is I feel the project more overall. Beats are beautiful and sometimes artists don't use them that good. So just hearing the raw effect is honestly a breath taking experience. Another jewel that I enjoyed heavy was Xantoid. I'm huge on samples so hearing that noise in the background reeled me in. This is a stand out for me reason being it was really well executed. You feel it right away which was pretty dope as a listener. Xantoid shows us a certain level of diversity that I have not seen in Systems before. It's a example of him growing as a producer and it is awesome to see play out. I see him establishing himself as one of the best producers in the city soon. Times is a 6 track well actually 7 counting the bonus song. You can listen to this offering from FanningSystems on his Bandcamp profile.

Favorite song? Aqua Pussy

My favorite song off times has to be Aqua Pussy. It has a different type of feel to it which stood out to me instantly. This beat is crazy man it reminded me of the production on Summertime 06. If you're looking for a more funky & hype track this is it. The reason FanningSystems won me over is because of the diversity he displayed. This gem was a huge reason I enjoyed this tape. The instrumental is just awesome to hear it has a huge amount of replay value. Aqua Pussy is my favorite because it's the song that sticks out the most. It does not sound like any other song off this tape which made me pick it right away. That is why I chose it as my favorite.

Rating? 4 Crowns

I have to give Times the 4 crowns rating because it was a excellent offering. His latest release showed the listeners how much he has grown. His diversity is at full display which is very fun to see. He put together a tape that showcases his best qualities as a beat maker. FanningSystems has proved that he can create multiple vibes. He also proved that he is not just a great rapper but also a gifted producer. Times flows really well which is awesome to hear. Every song on this project plays a part. This tape legitimized him in my eyes. I'm excited to see what the future holds for FanningSystems and so should you.