Gatecode Review

Earlier in the year Byron Hyperion and Eremsy came together to form the group WSTRIA. They released a beatmakers wet dream by the name of Gatecode. These 2 talented producers linked up to deliver a dark twisted masterpiece. This 5 track project is everything you been missing and more. It introduces you to a gifted duo who delivered one of the best beat tapes this year. I was already familiar with Eremsy because we met during the promotion of the Tucson hip hop festival. But this was the first time I have heard any of Byron Hyperion's content. Both of them shined by creating a excellent work of art. The future is looking very bright for this stellar duo. -Royal Cortez

Gatecode kicks off with Heaven's gate which is a great introduction. It starts off slow then goes straight into the dark vibes. I was expecting that from this talented group and they did not disappoint. It has a darker in the future vibe which helped set the vibe for the tape. It's not to dark so they helped let it feel good as well. I saw this track as them opening the gate and entering where their hearts desire to be. Many times as artists when you truly open your mind magic happens. When you start experimenting with different sounds and styles something special happens. Once you let the gates open you enter into heaven. That's what this group accomplish they created this project in heaven. The next song up is a beautiful track titled Welcome home. I fell in love with this song instantly. It starts off slow so the feelings can run through your mind and heart. The women sample was a great addition which really helped add a special feeling. I interpreted this gem as WSTRIA telling us that they have finally made it home. I also saw it as them saying "Look what is possible when you cross the gates" Having these 2 songs back to back was truly genius. It just feels right hearing the transition. When it feels natural nothing can really top that. All I could really think was how these 2 gems where meant to be next to each other. They are 2 stand out jewels you will surely enjoy. Since this project was only 5 tracks long I will just talk about 3 stand outs. The 3rd song I enjoyed was Phase 7. This was the perfect song to end this tape with for many reasons. I believe it was smart to do so because when you hear this beat what do you hear? I hear outro music in a movie it's cinematic. They ended their journey or did they just begin it? Was this the first edition? Will we get a sequel or 2? So many answers not enough time but there is something I can say. They did a perfect job with this offering which will win over many listeners. WSTRIA. have built anticipation for all of their future content as a unit & as individuals.

Favorite Song?

Las Americas My favorite song off Gatecode has to be the one that made me feel like I traveled far away. It was an amazing experience I stumbled and fell into the pit called Las Americas. The beat is stellar it's a mixture of dark and fun. The samples in the background will hypnotize you. As you listen you start fading into the beat. You become one with it. This track stood out to me the most because of how it was crafted. These are some of the things that made me fall in love with this gem.

Rating? 4 Crowns

Gatecode has earned the 4 crowns rating for it's ability to establish the ability of this great duo. It's a fun project which flows really well. It is one of my favorite tapes I have heard this year for 2 reasons. They shined on the production and put together a stellar tape. With these beats they spoke louder than any words could. After hearing this offering you will want to check out more of their content. They played it very smart by keeping it short for one huge reason. This offering will help build anticipation for more of this talented group's music.