Saint & OTM drop Gahdamn (Prod.OTM)

AZMP members Saint & OTM have returned with a new banger that will make you tell a friend about them. Their latest release will leave you yelling Gahdamn! The OTM produced track is a fun offering which will have you vibing the whole time. Even though it's a short song it is one that will impress you. This new tune will make you crave more music. With every new release they become more in sync in a manner which will leave you mind blown. The future is looking bright for these 2 members of one of the most gifted camps out today. Saint & OTM are 2 artists you should be keeping tabs on because of their ability to create awesome music. Gahdamn is a prime example of why you should be bumping these musicians. -Royal Cortez

Gahdamn is the most refreshing song I have heard in weeks for multiple reasons. Saint & OTM's chemistry transitions into music so well it's awesome to hear. When I listen to tracks that have more than one artist that is the quality I listen for. It's hard to find artists that have this type of chemistry. It is awesome to hear it in music. It makes the song feel 100 times more organic. That is why I love hearing songs from these dudes because they have so much of it. I really want to see them perform Gahdamn live. It's a very fun offering which will have you hopping. It's a short gem but it has a really fun energy which will balance that out. This is a catchy track which will turn every listener into a fan. The future is looking very bright for both of these gifted lyricists. Fun fact for you is that both of them have released projects this year! They have not stopped working at all which shows us how strong their work ethic is. They're 2 reasons why AZMP is one of the most consistent camps here in Tucson. Gahdamn really impressed me and I hope we hear more tracks with them 2 as a duo.