Mac Doja releases Conscious Savage (featuring.Reppa Ton & Treez-O Matic)

Mac Doja released a new track titled Conscious Savage. His latest offering sees him recruiting Reppa Ton & Treez-O Matic. They link up to drop a great song which will surely win you over. This posse tune showcases all 3 artists equally and that is very impressive. After this gem the future is looking very bright for everyone involved. When strong offerings like this are delivered it builds anticipation to hear more content! This trio proved that th work very well together which is nice to hear. The future is bright and who knows we might see another posse track down the road. - Royal Cortez

This kicks off very good with some out standing production. Reppa Ton is given the hook and he does not disappoint. Rep sets the vibe which is dark and gloomy. Who ever produced this track did not come up short. The energy they give off is contagious which will bounce off to the listeners. The verses are fun and have alot of highlights. Treez O Matic is in the front lines shining by delivering a memorable verse. He is making a name for himself by doing what he does best. When he spits he demands a huge amount of attention. He ended things on a positive note by having the listeners in his hands. Mac Doja shines by delivering a impressive verse. He executes a smooth flow flawlessly. Doja is a artist that you should be looking out for because of that. He rides the beat like a surfer on waves. After hearing this track I am really excited to hear more of his content. If we don't get more collabs between this trio it will be a shame. Mac finishes the track very strong which is a good ending. He executed a great closing verse which will be in your heard for the foreseeable future. After hearing his verse all I could say was "more" We need to hear more content from him and I know he will deliver. All 3 of these dudes shined every verse was great which made this song even better. I suggest you check out all 3 of these artists out.