Eggo drops No Lie (Prod.Syndrome)

Yesterday I dropped a article on Eggo reason being he dropped a 2 track EP titled Let go. I did a write up on a gem named Love like Lilies. That was one but what about the 2nd song? Today I will be writing on No lie. Syndrome produced the 2nd track which continues the vibe from Love like lilies. A few common traits are evident. What are those traits? Simple. Eggo's new EP has 2 songs which share similar production and vibes. Check out No lie to see what this gifted artist has to offer. -Royal Cortez

Once I pressed play I knew it was going to be dope. Syndrome produced a magnificent beat which will make your ears blush. I enjoyed the sample in the back ground it really added a bit more emotion. Eggo flows gracefully over the stellar produced beat. Even though this song is short it's a awesome listening experience. No Lie continues what Love Like Lilies started in a big way. It continues the vibe that the first song started. I saw many similarities that I enjoyed. I realized that both songs have very similar beats. I also enjoyed the content overall it will get you in the feels. If you want to simp at night pull this track out and press replay 5 times. The voicemail at the end was a very good addition which was nice to hear. I have always thought about the voicemails in songs are these real? I need answers sway! It helped finish the track strong and ended it on a good note. Make sure you check out No Lie and see what Eggo has been cooking!