Ciphurphace releases video for The Righteous Hour (Feat.Jake Palumbo)

 Ciphurphace dropped a video for The Righteous Hour which features Jake Palumbo. Jake Palumbo contributed to these visuals heavy. He produced the beat and did the cuts for this track. Phace is based in New Jersey but he was originally raised in the best city of Arizona. What city do I speak of? I'm from Tucson so I won't answer that question. If you are a fan of boom bap rap you will love this song. My close friends are aware of the fact I have a inner hip hop head locked up so I enjoyed this video. If you have not checked it out doooooo it! -Royal Cortez

This video is very fun it was made specifically for the hip hop heads. I loved the scratches on this track it was just very fun to hear. If you're a hip hop head you will fall in love with it! Phace has some dope punchlines that had me making stank faces through out his verse. These visuals were crafted really great. This was my first time taking a listen to his music and he left a very good impression. The scenes are very simple but for this video that is a good thing. This track lets them showcase their bars and show the listener that they are nice with their pen. Both Phace and Palumbo shine by doing what they do best! What is that you ask? Rapping their asses off to impress the watcher. The hook for The Righteous Hour gave me flashbacks to older songs. The hook is beyond catchy you will have yourself repeating it as he sings it.