Lando Chill drops visuals for Break Them Shackles

Have you had the chance to take a listen to Lando Chill's new album? If not you are truly missing out. Has he released any visuals for his latest release? Yes he has actually. Was that track a Royal Cortez song of the week at one point? Yeah at one point it actually was. Is that tune Break them shackles? Yes it is! He released a video for this stellar track last Tuesday. Make sure you check it out and spread it to everyone. -Royal Cortez

I love how it kicked off with the Paulo Coelho quote. I'm a big fan of that author so it's nice to see him get love in rap. This video will leave a lasting impression on the watcher. Lando Chill showcased his creativity with this video. These visuals can definitely compete for video of the year. I enjoy how everything he does he executes it like a artist. The visual representation of him getting dragged by shackles really helps run the point home. The scene when he was reading The Alchemist was really cool because it showed the impact that this book has had on him. Having that chess board in front of him was smart. I interpreted that as him planning his next moves to break the shackles that are holding him down.  Malcolm Critcher did a excellent job creating a spectacular video for a amazing song. I read his director's statement on the youtube description which got me off guard. I appreciate what he did to make this video a reality. He basically invites the watcher to do what I am doing at this very moment. What is that? Trying to interpret this video in what makes sense in my head. The statement he made regarding Lando Chill's album and The Alchemist made perfect sense. I ultimately believe that is what makes art great. The ability to take something different from every revisit is what makes art timeless. It does not matter what that art is it could be literature,music,paintings, and even movies to a certain extent. These visuals are outstanding and if you are not pressing play 100 times are you truly sane?