Eggo releases Love like Lilies (Feat.Gabrieleli)

Eggo released a 2 song EP titled Let go. I'll drop articles on both tracks in the next few days at the same time! So the first song the hazel eyed stallion will talk about is called Love like lilies. This track features Gabrieleli who contributes some smoothly delivered vocals. Even though it's a short offering it is a enjoyable listen. Eggo definitely made a very good impression on me. In this read you will discover a talented artist who will take over your playlist. Peep this gifted individual and see for yourself what makes him special. Make sure you check out Love like Lilies. With his latest ep his future is looking very bright. -Royal Cortez

This was my first time listening to Eggo so I was not sure what to expect. The intro sounded familiar I could not remember where I heard it. The beat set the vibe for me. What I really enjoyed is the addition of "stop playing girl." The energy I got from this track as laid back. I have a huge feeling women would love it! I got into this song right away the beat was smoothly crafted. Who ever produced this beat did a outstanding job. Gabrieleli got me invested emotionally when I heard his vocals. This track is so refreshing it gives you a good vibe from the very start. If I was to ever simp I would probably listen to this offering at 2am. His singing was executed very smoothly it sounds awesome. Both of these dudes make a amazing duo. After this song the listener will crave more collabs from this duo. Press play and become acquainted with 2 great artists.