Brownman releases Never Waste (Prod.Brownman)

Have you ever wanted a anthem about not wasting your time? Luckily you have came across that very song. I honestly look in my mirror every morning & tell myself "you hazel eyed stallion you will not waste your time." All jokes left out I seriously do this on a daily basis. That's why when I came across this song my eyes lit up. I was vibing with the production on god it's beyond stellar. When I pressed play I instantly got in my laid back mode. This track has a fun energy attached to it. When you read the info for Never Waste you will think Russ wrote the description. But seriously Brownman delivered a great song which you should totally check out. -Royal Cortez

I fell inlove with this song it is honestly perfect in my ears. The lyrics connected to me heavy because lately I been thinking about my love life. The royal one has feelings? Yeah I know Adele has me going soft. What I really enjoyed about Never waste is that Brownman reminded me that it's perfectly ok to be in your feelings. This is the type of track you bump late at night. This is the type of song you play at 3am when you're up thinking about what could have been. He has many quotable lyrics that will connect with the listener. Brownman showcases his multiple talents on Never waste. What are those talents? He shined on the production by setting the mood. Brownman basically passes it to himself like LeBron in the finals. His voice is very relaxing his delivery gets the listener invested emotionally. If you are looking for new music check this song out! Brownman impressed me with this track and I also have a good feeling he will impress you as well.