Speakerbox X Mondays: Royal Cortez song of the week #HeadHonchoEdition

Last Thursday Woodro released a new track titled Head Honcho. The Penacho produced song lets him shine in every possible way. It is a prime example of why he should be in your playlist. If you're not keeping an eye out for him you might as well be blind. He raps gracefully over this stellar production. When you press play the beat will please your ears. It's not hard to tell that this beat goes perfect with his lyrics. You can expect 2 qualities from every Woodro song great verses and amazing production. His latest offering Head Honcho is no different and he definitely delivered. He continues his on going hot streak with a strong release. -Royal Cortez

A artist I can always expect great content from is the head honcho known as Woodro. Ever since I became acquainted to his music he has won me over with the consistency he displays. He is a rare breed that has a special ability that many don't have. I have not heard one single track I did not like. He is able to drop amazing songs on a consistent basis. It is truly refreshing to see him do what he does. What does he do exactly? Simple Woodro steps up and breaks stereotypes on younger artists. This individual is a prime example that musicians who are young can still create incredible art. He shows ignorant people that the youth can still produce stellar content! On Head Honcho he is showcasing a great ear for beats and well delivered verses. In many instances we come across a track which brings out that "This is dope" reaction. Head Honcho will make you have that response which is very fun to see. The reasons I chose this track as my song of the week are simple. What is my rationale? I chose Head Honcho because of the energy and hunger on display. Hearing it on the radio yesterday feel right. The vibe goes perfect with the airwaves because it screams summer on it. Imagine hearing the radio when this comes on! You'll start vibing right away which makes Head Honcho very fun.