Woodro drops excuse me

Who is a artist from Tucson that has a incredible work ethic? When people ask me that question a cat who always crosses my mind is Woodro. He released a tape earlier this year titled 2000 which was awesome. What has he done recently? Has he took a break? I'll answer both questions he has released 2 tracks since then Pacifist featuring Cash Lanksy. What is the name of the other song? Simple he released it last week and it's titled Excuse me. He has not took a vacation he's been releasing music at a consistent rate. Check out Excuse me and see for yourself why his future is looking bright. -Royal Cortez


Woodro Is a artist who always finds a way to impress me. He has a flow that is laidback but he has the ability to get me hype. On his latest release he shines big time. He's not just growing as a rapper but also as a beatmaker. What stood out to me heavy is the beat change. I was feeling it from the jump the beat caught my attention right away. He kicked it off strong and ended it even stronger. Excuse me is the perfect name for this track. I see this song as him saying that musically to get your attention. Some common traits you can expect from Woodro's music is stellar production and great lyrics. Have you ever thought about what song would be wearebugginout's theme music? If we had a theme song it would be Excuse me. I believe this song is a representation of what I stand for. This track is in your face from the very beginning. I believe that's my goal with wearebugginout I want everyone in the city to recognize this blog as the place where you could find great talent. What I'm basically saying is this track will push you to do your best. With that said check it out and spread it everywhere.