Speakerbox X Mondays: Royal Cortez Song Of The Week #TheChillEdition

A few weeks back I went to Lando Chill's release party for his new album titled The boy who spoke to the wind. It was a sunny Friday a few of my friends & I also hit the Tucson unity bbq which was also pretty cool. A huge coincidence is that the Speakerbox X hosts also hosted that event. Now here we are talking about my song of the week! His release show went exactly as I imagined it. There was nothing but good energy which was very refreshing. it was a fun event that made you vibe. The track I chose for this past week's edition of the Royal Cortez song of the week is a amazing tune. I chose People are evil as my song of the week reason being it was my favorite song he performed that day. Make sure you check out his new album on his Soundcloud or Bandcamp page. -Royal Cortez

Have you ever seen a artist perform live and they blew your mind? I'm talking about send goosebumps through your body. Lando Chill brought this song to life when he performed it. It stood out to me so much because his energy would bounce off to the audience. Honestly I don't think I'll be able to listen to this song unless it's live! This song is that great the energy is breath taking. If you have not seen him perform this song live put that on top of your to do list. One fun fact that will make you enjoy this track is Lando Chill & The Lasso produced it together! The Lasso is a very gifted producer if you have not seen him perform live you are missing out. I actually caught him live a few months back. Christ Pierce also contributes by doing the bass for this magnificent crafted track. If I had to choose a favorite song from this album it would be this one or Break them shackles. If you been keeping up with these pieces you would remember a huge detail. When he released that track I also chose it as my song of the week! By coincidence Lando Chill released visuals for Break them shackles recently. Will you see a article on it as well? Come back in a few days and find out. Honestly a artist's live performance is what determines if I will rock with them or not. So when I saw him live he won me over instantly. That is why I chose People are evil as my song of the week! I also wanted to push this track because I felt it was a song that deserved more recognition. The vibe is truly outstanding. The production is stellar gives you a mellow energy. Make sure you check it out & his new album. Special shout outs to Speakerbox X for playing my song of the week! Tune into Speakerbox X every Sunday on 99.1 at 2pm to hear my song of the week.