Sivel releases Say what you want (Prod.reaper)

AZMP member Sivel blessed the listeners with a great song. Say what you want is a great gem. The reaper produced track let's him deliver in every way possible. The beat meshes perfectly with his style. Say what you want is a fun offering which will have you vibing. The hook is catchy and it will get stuck in your head. This gem is very short but it's still very fun. On his latest release he shines by doing what he does best. What is that? You ask simple it's rap showcasing his flow & beat selection. -Royal Cortez

Say what you want starts off slow with the beat going on for a few seconds. Then Sivel comes in with a contagious hook. His verse is delivered smoothly which will surely please your ears. The beat is gloomy & laid back which meshes perfectly with Sivel. I see it as him and the beat doing the fusion dance. This is the song equivalent of not caring what people have to say about you. The rebel in Sivel made this song very chill. If spirit tracks where a thing say what you want would be my chose. You can always expect great songs from this dude and he did not disappoint. I honestly wish this song was longer because it goes by to quick. That's how you know this gem is that good. He continues his hotstreak with a stellar offering. The future is looking very bright & say what you want is a prime example of why.