Pink Klouds Rising drops Dream Girl

The master of tripped out rap has returned with a new offering titled Dreamgirl. Pink Klouds Rising shines on the remix he did for flashlight by Morgan Willis. Overall it is a fun track which is a great listening experience. It's a enjoyable listen which will turn you into a fan. What I love about this dude is he makes the art he wants to create! Authenticity is everything in my eyes it is one of the most important qualities a artist should have. On dream girl Pink klouds rising shows yards of it! If you are looking for fun music which makes you vibe you found it. -Royal Cortez

When you press play you will get lost in the daze. You will start to see klouds turn pink. Imagine if you took acid and started listening to music right after. This song is the musical equivalent of a acid trip. Dream girl is a cool song which many listeners would appreciate. Pink Klouds Rising's creativity is at full display on this tune. This gem also showcases his diversity which is a great thing to have. His beat selection is incredible which shows yous that he has excellent taste. The moody production fused with funky vibes go perfectly with his style. Dream girl is a trippy love ballad which will make the listeners believe in love. The listening experience is very energetic it has a great vibe. This is my favorite song he has released so far because of how good it was executed. This track has a great aura which helps give it a boost. Next time you dedicate a song to your girlfriend tell her she is your dream girl.