$aebah unleashes Started off this (Prod.$aebah)

$aebah unleashed a video for Started off this which is a banger. This is probably my favorite track he has done reason being the vibe. This is that get out of my danm face flex rap. The energy he displays on this gem is contagious. He also produced this song which shows us that $aebah is a 2 way player. The production is dark but hype which is incredible. His latest offering is a prime example of why you should be following him. The thing with this dude is you can't predict what he has up his sleeve. $aebah is truly unpredictable which gives his art a huge edge. If you are not bumping his music you're missing out. -Royal Cortez

Everytime he releases a new song I know for a fact it will be a great vibe. $aebah is diverse as hell and he uses that to his advantage. At times I'm not sure what I'm going to get which is awesome. Predictability is awful it ruins the anticipation aspect of hearing new content. Saebah is a vibe maker he is great at what he does. He crafted a stellar beat that meshes perfectly with the energy he is displaying. The production is moody but hype it was created really well. I also enjoyed the scenary in this video it was refreshing to see. The background is cool watching him walk down a road near a desert like area is wicked. I really wish this song was a minute longer because it slaps. He rides the beat accurately with precise delivery. I was digging this tracks aura from the jump. $aebah has had a good year so far he's released multiple great songs. Started off this continues his hot streak & build anticipation for his future material.