Tru Nyce releases Randy Savage (Prod.JetMuzik)

One of my favorite rappers to perform on the Winner Circles tour has to be Tru Nyce. So when It came to my attention that he dropped a song called Randy Savage I was excited. I knew I had to write on it for 2 reasons. The first reason was the track bangs and it is very enjoyable. The 2nd is rap mixed with professional wrestling is the best combo ever. Nyce has entered a rare league alongside Smoke DZA as a artist to drop a dope wrestling track. He shines on the JetMuzik production which gives him the ability to shine. His latest offering will win you over & turn you into a fan -Royal Cortez .

Randy Savage is the song equivalent of a elbow drop from the macho man. Imagine actually going through rock bottom without smelling what the rock is cooking. But I can tell you this you can smell what JetMuzik and Tru Nyce cooked up. It starts off with a beautiful sample which sets the vibe. The Randy Savage sample was a great addition. It helped pay homage to one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. The beat sets the feeling for this gifted rapper to show us how nice he is. The beat will have you crashing down like Mankind when he went up against the undertaker. The production is stellar it gives the song a bigger than life feel. Just like how Macho man became king Tru Nyce is determined to do the same. Some lines in the hook reminded me of when the mega powers disbanded. It feels good to see another wrestling fan in rap. The great thing about this song is that it's the type you slam during the summer! If you are sleeping on Tru Nyce stop it.