Luca Vasi releases Lonely Nights (Prod.Garebear)

What do you listen to when your feeling lonely at night? I know what you should be listening to which is this track. What do you see? If you don't say darkness that gives you mellow energy. I know for a fact you're lying! The gifted lyricist known as Luca Vasi has returned with great vibes. He released the garebear produced lonely nights this past Sunday. His latest offering let's him shine by letting him do what he does best. It also showcases his best qualities. Lonely nights shows that he's growing at a fast rate & that you should be keeping up with him! -Royal Cortez

A artist who I am always genuinely excited to hear new material from is Luca Vasi. He has many characteristics that will make you connect to his content more. The young track assassin did not disappoint with his latest release. Lonely nights has a great vibe which will help the listener connect very easily. Vasi gave us a very catchy hook which will surely be saved into our brains. Relatable lyrics equals positive factors such as a growing fanbase. He is one of the most consistent young artists which deserves recognition. He has a strong work ethic which is at full display with this song. His vocals mesh really well with the production which has a positive effect. Luca Vasi basically becomes one with the beat by rapping over it magnificently. Everytime he drops a new song one common thing is evident. Luca is growing at such a quick pace it's awesome to witness as a fan. At the rate he is progressing the world will be in his hands soon enough. Lonely nights shows that the future is looking very bright. If you are not keeping up with Vasi you're missing out.